Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You can't control LOVE.

NO ONE can control love. It doesn't matter how much you say you don't want to feel it, it won't go away. Pretending that your love for someone who doesn't love you back does't hurt even a bit may fool everyone else but you.

Just accept it. I know there are a lot of ways on how love can hurt you but we all know that when love is returned, all those hurting will just vanish, as if it didn't happen.
I don’t want to be forever TANGA. Alam mo na ngang hindi pwede eh, ipipilit mo pa. Alam mo na ngang walang pag-asa eh, pipilit mo pa.
Pero masama ba? Sarili ko lang naman sinasaktan ko eh.

Yun na nga eh. Sarili mo sinasaktan mo paano pa magkakaron ng tao para mahalin ka kung pati sarili mo mas pinipili mong saktan?