Saturday, July 9, 2011

Too good in solving Math problems. Too weak in solving Love problems.

Academic Excellency won’t matter in LOVE.
You may know why X is equal to maybe all the letters in the alphabet, you may know how to make a volcanic eruption using baking soda and vinegar but you can’t possibly be a know-it-all when it comes to LOVE.
In love, everybody has a chance to fail. Staying up all night studying won't do anything in love because you don't use the brain to love, you use your heart. It's not what you think, it's what you feel.
Some say you need to trust them. Some say you need to text, call or PM them all the time. Some say hold them tight. Some say let them go. Some say kiss them, have sex with them all night long. Some say be sweet and caring.
Those are nothing but theories. It may work. It may not. It’s not a proven fact. You’ve got to take chances and when you do, always be ready to try again until the right one gives you the answer that you’ve been waiting for.
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  1. hey, i love the name of your blog site! i kinda relate to it, why? because most of the time, we assume things that aren't true(especially us, the PLU's). we hold on to this assumptions like it is the reality...but, little that we know that it is the thing that sometimes make us-lame, pathetic, heartbroken, sad, etc! we always tend to over think everything, but, in some point...we still hold on to this assumptions because we are wishing, hoping that the things that we assume may come true, someday! and yes, we are lucky sometimes, that we have this courage, that we still hold on to this assumptions, even if its a lose lose situation, that it ended up the way we wanted it to be! lucky us that we sometime tend to over think everything...that we became the happiest people who walked over the face of the planet!

    -sorry if i talk nonsensical..and sorry for the wrong grammars and i hope if you get my point!hihi i'm such a lamey >.< haha

    btw, ur so cute! actually that's my main reason why i commented-just to say your so cute hehe(nahiya naman ako, khit na alam kong di mo ako makikilala :D hehe) be well always sir!

    1. Hey, ngayon ko lang nabasa comment mo. :)) Di ko alam pano malaman kung may comments eh. Thanks btw for liking my blog, and for saying I'm cute. :D